Sustainable Development
Security Council Committee 

Committee Description:

The Security Council is a division under the United Nations Charter. The primary goal of the Security Council is to maintain international peace and security. To be precise, the Security Council most commonly decides whether deploying UN peace operations is acceptable in a situation.  

Topic A: State Sponsored Terrorism 

Statement of Problem:

Several states sponsored terrorism. They offer places, money, and weapons to terrorists. State-sponsored terrorism not only threatens the world but also takes the place of native people. The head of the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism said, “State-Sponsored terrorism could undermine the stability in many parts of the world.” 

History/ Past UN Action:

  • Security Council committee in UN has issued a resolution where they have stated the concern and a proposal to officially criminalize

Latest Developments:

Many countries have developed close connections in dealing with state sponsered terrorists especially through Interpol and governmental institutions responsible for national security. 

Possible Actions:

Regulate trades between nations to prevent provision to terrorist organizations

Questions to Consider

  • What would be some of the possible ways of disrupting the financing of the terrorist groups? 

  • How can states exchange information with one another to be able to counter state sponsered terrorism? 

Topic B: Civil Wars and Conflicts 

Statement of Problem:

In today’s world we have witnessed many civil wars and domestic conflicts that seem to have no end. Conflicts that have appeared in Sub-Saharan African states and in Asian states, have all been caused by similar factors. Domestic issues that have arrisen from poverty, government corruption, and tensions formed by various cleavages. 

History/Past UN Actions

“United Nations Security Council and Civil War” 

Possible Actions:

Possible Actions: The United Nations could reflect on previous civil wars and conflicts across the world in recent memory to develop an effective way of making peace and supporting people who end up in conflict zones.   

Questions to Consider

  • How can the UN help bolster peace during a possible conflict zone?  

  • How can the UN provide aid to civillians in a war zone?